The MindMe Pro features a mobile phone and built in GPS to locate the wearer in case of emergency.
When the SOS button is pressed the MindMe Pro immediately sends an SMS alert message to up to three nominated contacts of your choice.  Included in the SMS is a Google Maps link showing the location of the wearer.  Mind Me then dials the contacts until the call is answered and then the wearer can have a hands free two way conversation with the family member or carer.
The contacts can locate the wearer via the Mind Me Pro’s built in GPS using the free mobile app, sending MindMe Pro an SMS or via the online platform.
MindMe also has the ability to create an electronic boundary and when crossed by the wearer it will send an SMS alert to the contacts including a Google Maps link to where the wearer is located.
When a fall is detected and the wearer does not move for 10 seconds, MindMe will automatically send an SMS alert to the emergency contacts.


  • After the SOS button is pressed the MindMe & MindMe Pro pendant direct dials the emergency contact numbers
  • MindMe Pro can be used wherever a mobile phone and GPS operates
  • One press SOS button
  • Auto answering incoming calls
  • Up to 300 hours (about 12 days) battery standby
  • GPS tracking of MindMe & MindMe Pro pendant
  • Two-way conversation directly through the MindMe Pro pendant
  • Geo fencing (virtual fence) to detect if wearer crosses a preset boundary & SMS’s location
  • Fall detection to detects if wearer has fallen and SMS’s location
  • Measures 60mm x 44mm (wide) x 14mm and weighs 40 grams
  • Uses a multi-network SIM chip (instead of a SIM card) - so long as a mobile network exists the device will remain connected
  • Uses GPS to work out its location - accurate to about 10 metres
  • Sends location to Mindme secure servers around every 3  minutes. 10 minutes when stationary
  • Press the button and using GPRS the alarm connects quickly to Mindme’s 24/7 Response Centre
  • Two-way voice communication ensures the right help is available  quickly
  • Battery lasts up to 48 hours
  • Simple to use charging unit with no fiddly connections
  • System sends e-mail when battery is down to 10% capacity
  • Ring fence option available – alarm will be tripped if user moves outside pre-set locations
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