Ensure the two surfaces are close enough so that during the movement the lateral assist will always be fully supported on both sides. Ideally the two surfaces will be aligned as closely as possible with their height providing movement in a slightly downward direction. The person to be moved is log rolled onto their side to facilitate placing the Lateral Assist under them or otherwise gently ease it under them. Position the person no more than half on the Lateral Assist. Head and legs are carefully lifted onto the board. Preferably the person's closest leg to the board will be positioned on it and the further leg crossed over it. Gently pushing on their hip and shoulder, it is easy to move them from one surface to another. In many cases the person will be lying on a sheet which can be used as a draw sheet, with one carer pushing on hip and shoulder; another taking up the slack or providing additional pull on the sheet. Depending on the width of board, how much is placed under the person initially and the distance apart of the 2 surfaces, the person will have mostly rolled off the Lateral Assist on the new surface. It can easily be removed from under them. If the person is mostly covering the Lateral Assist, remove the board from the slide tube by pulling on its handle, it will slide out. The tube can then be pulled sideways, gathered up across under the small of their back, then pulled through.


The Lateral Assist is rated to 284Kg or 625lb.

When working with people of higher weights, be sure to have sufficient staff to ensure safe and easy transfer.

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