The Positioning Slide is cushioned for comfort, with handles strategically placed for use by the carer in a variety of circumstances, in both personal and institutional settings. It is used for transfers from one surface to another in conjunction with a suitable transfer board or for  correct positioning into the back of a chair.  The Positioning Slide enables carers to  easily  position someone in the back of a chair with an open back using the strength of their legs not arms. It is used when the person is not at risk of sliding forward and doesn't need  continuous repositioning. (Otherwise use our One Way Slide). It is particularly useful for correctly positioning people on pressure cushions; seating the elderly at dining tables; or repositioning people with a disability on their wheelchairs in a day care centre after toileting. Fold the Positioning Slide with the majority out the back. Seat patient on it leaning slightly forward, their feet on the ground or on footplates.  If they have challenging behaviour a second carer will support them from the front. With carer's foot in the handle press down. The patient will slide to the rear of the chair, until their back comes in contact. Continue pushing down with the leg, then pull lower layer to remove.


  • Wash at a maximum of 60oC
  • Do not use fabric softener or chlorine
SKU 20-0501