The user sits on the seat from the side of the bath and then swivels over the bath for a wash or shower. The comfortable seat provides back and arm support and is ideal for people who feel insecure on a bath board. The Swivel Bather rests on any standard bath. No fixtures or fittings are required and it is easily removed so that others can use the bath. The Swivel Bather is made up of two parts:

  • A base frame which rests on the sides of the bath and a seating unit which rotates on the base. The two parts separate easily for handling or storage.
  • The seating unit has a plastic seat with small drainage holes and is easy to clean. The base frame has four arms which rest on the bath. Each of these has a non-slip rubber end-covering. There is also an adjustable positioning screw to prevent accidental slipping. At least 11/4" (30mm) of each arm must rest securely on each side of the bath.
  • The seat locks in both the transfer (facing the side) and the showering position (facing over the bath tub). The locking lever is on the right hand side of the seat but all models can be requested with the lever on the left hand side.

Technical details:

  • The Swivel Bather has a base frame which fits over the bath and a seating unit which rotates on the base. The two parts each weigh 7lbs (3.2Kg).
  • Tubing is epoxy coated mild steel. All other metal components are stainless steel. In particular the critical turning components, the base plate and the swivel pin, are stainless steel and no servicing or lubrication is required.
  • The seating unit has an easy to clean plastic seat with drainage holes about 8 mm in diameter in keeping with the relevant Standards.
  • The base frame has non-slip plastic ends which rest on the bath sides. Positioning screws on either side also help to prevent movement.
  • The locking lever is on the right hand side - left hand locking is available for all models on request.


Seat width 171/2" (445mm)
Seat depth 16" (405mm)
Backrest height: 14" (355mm)
Width between arm rests: 19" (485mm)
Seat height above side of bath 2" (50mm)
Base Distance between arms 21" (535mm)
Width over bath: 28" (71 cm)
Maximum User Weight 102kgs
SKU P-12146